About us

IcamSystems GmbH

IcamSystems GmbH from Leipzig, as a provider of branch-specific software solutions for management and consulting systems, supports insurance companies, vehicle expert organisations, audit service providers and accident management companies with a comprehensive product portfolio.

IcamSystems GmbH, founded in 2005 by the director Frank Hoffmann, has a resilient and first-class customer base of renowned insurance companies, vehicle expert organisations and workshop networks. Above all, collaborative cooperation and a concept specially tailored for each customer form the foundation stone of the growing corporate success.

With their unique business symbiosis of innovative information technology and many years of branch experience, IcamSystems GmbH and its sister company ClaimsControlling GmbH are strong partners in the market. The activities in the development of pioneering software solutions go back to 1997. Since then, our employees, including engineers, vehicle experts and software developers, have been successfully implementing technical expertise in user-oriented programming.

Since it was founded, IcamSystems GmbH has provided its customers nationwide with a claims portal, which offers an active access possibility to audit processes to all process participants via a secure access.

Another milestone of IcamSystems GmbH is the ClaimsGuard – a product for the automatic pre-audit of damage calculations and resulting possible commitments, the development of which also goes back to 2005.

Our visionary products are currently used primarily by German partners, but also by insurance companies across Europe. Multilingual software solutions form the basis for extending the international customer base.

At present, about 160 employees work in the group of companies, contributing to the growing success of our products.