In addition to its core competences, vehicle claims, IcamSystems GmbH offers varied, individual and innovative software solutions combined with the corresponding advice. In order to audit expert reports, cost estimates and invoices, experts from organisations and insurance companies use the ICT-Invoice Control Tool, an audit program specially developed for the conventional document audit.

If structured calculation data is available, this can be pre-audited and assessed with ClaimsGuard. An extensive set of rules developed by engineers and technicians is used to review the plausibility of the content of the data structure and information about the existing calculation is provided. This rules engine finds the perfect use in, among other things, quality assurance by our own experts or, for example, in workshop networks because the audited data can be assessed statistically in customer-specific dashboards in addition to the creation of an audit report.

The technical database DynamicRevision is saved in both applications. Vehicle-specific information from manufacturers and leading institutions has been collected and structured here for more than 10 years. This data is supplemented with our own investigations and expert reports, including in respect of reusability, delivery states and paint properties of vehicle parts.

In parallel to this, the RepairSelection has been created as an extensive workshop database for nationwide bodywork and paintwork companies. As a result of the permanent and expert information management, the highest possible up to date data and data quality are guaranteed.