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ClaimsGuard supports the expert in their work. In order to cope with the increasing complexity in the vehicle industry – particularly in the areas of bodywork, paintwork and electronics – cost estimates and expert reports of vehicle claims are automatically analysed on the basis of structured data. ClaimsGuard uses a large number of rules to access the DynamicRevision database, which has been conceived specifically for this and which contains vehicle-specific values. It is constantly being updated and developed further by the engineers and masters of IcamSystems GmbH and ClaimsControlling GmbH with practical tests and technical experiential values.

Based on the information in the calculation file, a virtual accidental damage is created, on the basis of which the plausibility of the positions contained therein is examined fully automatically. As soon as a position in the calculation does not seem plausible, precise messages are issued with information about the auditability. Of course, in addition to the audit from technical perspectives, the analysis of, for example, conditions negotiated with ClaimsGuard, can also be performed.

Additionally, ClaimsGuard facilitates statistical evaluations of the repair calculations, which make it possible, for example, to represent the general costs, spare parts and paint positions, or also maintenance quotes, to every detail. By showing the historic development, necessary quality measures or future trends can also be derived, for example. In addition, customer-specific desired rules can be integrated into ClaimsGuard from the knowledge gained.

The transfer of the structured data and, if applicable, other parameters takes place entirely automatically. After completing the rules engine, the results can be returned within seconds as an XML file for further processing and as a readable PDF document with corresponding recommended actions.

Alongside insurance companies and vehicle expert organisations, the automatic pre-audit with ClaimsGuard also offers management companies and workshop associations a high level of control and at the same time guarantees quality increase and assurance.